Product Introduction:

RFID tire tag are widely used in tire inventory and transportation management. RFID chips are suitable for tire production management of tire factories, tire tracking management, transportation company transportation management, entry and exit management, annual inspection management, and racing management. The application of RFID tire tags has enabled tires to automatically collect data during the production, warehousing, sales, use, refurbishment and other aspects of the tires and accompany the tires for life. Through the collection of big data, companies can improve the process according to the use conditions of different tires to be more suitable for different users and extend the service life of tires.

Product Parameters:

Products Size




Working Temperature





Monza 4QT


ISO18000-6C, Gen 2


512 bits

Working Mode

Read and write



Operating Distance

1-6 meter (base on reader power)

Data Retention

10 years


Vehicle tire management

RFID Tire Tag

RFID Tire Tag

RFID Tire Tag

In order to better cooperate with the customer to use the RFID Tire Tag, to achieve the best labeling effect. After a long-term experiment and research, we have put forward the following guiding suggestions for the labeling operation, which are for reference only.

1.Since the pressure-sensitive adhesive must have a certain amount of pressure to reflect the corresponding initial adhesion, it is necessary to put enough pressure to the label when labeling, so as to stick to the uneven tread as much as possible. The gesture must be maintained for more than two times "←↑→↓←".

2.Try to avoid sticking the same label twice or even multiple times. Because the tread material, such as carbon black or dust, will be transferred to the rubber surface, causing rubber damage and pollution. After labeling, keep it standing for a period of time, preferably 24 hours, to let its stickiness release.

3.Remove the tire surface substances that are not conducive to labeling, such as surface chemicals (may contain wax, silicone oil, etc.), dust on the tire surface, etc.


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