How does RFID play its role in power emergency repairs after heavy rainstorms?

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Affected by the remnant circulation of Typhoon Haikui, monsoons and weak cold air, from the evening of September 7th to the morning of September 8th, Shenzhen experienced a heavy rainstorm that exceeded historical records. The rainfall range is extremely wide. As of 14:00 on the 8th, rainfall in Shenzhen broke seven historical extreme values since meteorological records were first established in 1952. Many areas were severely affected, and some areas experienced power outages. Electricity plays a vital role in people’s work and life, so the power department immediately carried out power supply emergency repairs. Next, let us take a look at how RFID plays its role in power supply emergency repairs.

1.Quickly locate faulty cables

Nowadays, many cables have been equipped with underground RFID tags for information management. Buried tags are used for digital electronic identification of cable channels to achieve precise positioning, search, identification of underground facilities and judgment of cable directions. Generally, they are buried underground together with the cables (due to the harsh environment, low-frequency RFID tags with good anti-interference are used). In actual operation, a buried tag is usually installed near the manhole cover, and then the next one is installed about every 50 meters. This type of tag has a high level of protection (can meet the requirements of water, plastic, soil, cement, asphalt, etc. Embedded and reliable reading in media environment), it has the characteristics of waterproof, dustproof, anti-corrosion and long life.

When the power supply company conducts cable fault repairs, through the RFID-based cable lean platform, staff can analyze and judge information based on faulty cable sections and quickly locate suspected fault points, thereby shortening the cable fault repair time and improving repair efficiency.

2.Efficiently locate faulty telephone poles

In the past two years, a leading company in the industry has developed an ultra-high frequency RFID reader product specially developed for distribution pole tower RFID drone inspection services. It has small size, light weight, and long identification distance (through the use of dedicated RFID With the cooperation of two-way electronic tags, the identification distance can reach 18 meters) and other advantages. Through the combination of RFID and drones, the location of faulty poles and faulty towers can be quickly and accurately located (some drones can also take photos of faulty poles and send them back to the background), greatly improving the intelligence level and emergency repair efficiency of power repairs.

3.Improve the management level of construction equipment at power emergency repair sites

At the power repair site, when the repair tasks are complex and the repair time is relatively long, power tools may sometimes be lost. Later, the power department introduced RFID for intelligent management to help formulate a highly localized and highly perceptive full-process digital management plan. In addition, using RFID technology, the power grid company has achieved cross-departmental business collaboration and strengthened its ability to manage and control the entire infrastructure process.

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