Shenzhen Toptag group Technology Co., Ltd is a leader in the field of radio frequency identification (RFID). Our company is based on providing innovative intelligent identification solutions for various industries around the world. Since its establishment, we have been committed to the production and promotion of RFID technology, providing customers with efficient, safe and intelligent identification and tracking solutions.

In terms of products: Our product line covers various such as rfid microchip reader, animal microchip. Our RFID tags adopt advanced radio frequency chip technology, which can realize high-precision identification and tracking in different environments. Whether in logistics, supply chain management, retail or manufacturing, our products play a key role. In addition, we continue to innovate and launch products that support multiple radio frequency bands and communication protocols to meet the needs of different customers.

 In terms of factory and capacity equipment: We have a modern production plant located in an industrial park, covering an area of more than 5000 square meters. The factory is equipped with advanced production equipment, including automated label manufacturing lines, radio frequency chip programming equipment and high-precision label printing equipment. The introduction of these equipments enables us to realize the full automatic production process from raw material procurement to final product manufacturing, ensuring the stability and consistency of product quality.

Our production equipment also supports diversified product customization. No matter what specifications, materials or functions of RFID tags customers need, we can flexibly meet their needs. Our engineer team can carry out label design and custom chip programming according to the specific needs of customers, so as to ensure that each customer can obtain the most suitable RFID solution for their application.

As a company with rich experience and leadership in the RFID field, we are driven by innovation to provide customers with high-quality intelligent identification solutions. Our products cover multiple industries and are dedicated to improving supply chain efficiency, logistics management and data tracking capabilities. Through modern factory equipment and customized production processes, we can meet the needs of different customers and provide them with customized RFID solutions to help them maintain their competitive advantages in the digital age.

Our tags range from low frequency to high frequency and are widely used in NFC, access control, supply chain management,nventory management, storage & logistics management, livestock management and so on.

Factory environment

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About the smart card

For the production of the white card, the workers manually put the coils in and then combined them

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About the key fob

The key chain is coded by a machine

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About the production line

About the coil production line, the workers are in quality inspection

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Automation machine

A machine that automates the production of coils

Our Services

About the pre-sale service

Sales staff will provide professional answers about products and try to meet customer needs

About after-sales Service

When the product problem is found, timely communication with us, will give a good solution

Company History

In 2008,The company was founded

  • 2008

In 2008,Toptag Group set up in Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, China.

In 2010, company has part of the product line

  • 2010

In 2010Toptag Group have own complete production line of RFID keyfob, RFID printing card, TM card,etc

In 2012,company has main product lines

  • 2012

In 2012Toptag Group has own plastic injection molding produce line

In 2013,company has RFID chip bonding line

  • 2013

In 2013Toptag Group development of RFID chip bonding line

In 2014,A surge in sales

  • 2014

In 2014Toptag Group total sales amount exceeds 9 million dollars

In 2015,company's production line gradually improved

  • 2015

In 2015Toptag Group develop molding produce line

In 2018,company's production line is complete

  • 2018

In 2018,Toptag Group have a complete industrial chain

Our Certification