UHF RFID Tag Sticker

High Protection Class IP65, could print by printer(compatible with Sato
Gta412e, Toshiba 5T etc) Can be auto written SN code, Ultra thin 0. 88mm. role delivery
Sealing chip: Alien series, IMPINJ Series
Working Temperature:-20-0°℃
Read and write range: 0.5-2m
Application water meter, IT server and equipment assets tracking,
metal parts management, machine identification and management etc.

Product name:UHF RFID Tag Sticker


Product Introduction:

The UHF RFID market application scenarios are quite broad, with the advantages of being able to read multiple tags at one time, long identification distance, fast data transmission speed, high reliability and longevity, and endurance to harsh outdoor environments.

It can be used for asset management, production line management, supply chain management, warehousing, anti-counterfeiting traceability of various items (such as tobacco, alcohol, medicine, etc.), retail, vehicle management, etc.

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) ultra-high frequency (UHF) tags have many advantages that make them popular in various applications. Here are some benefits of using RFID UHF tags:

Long-distance identification: UHF RFID tags generally have a longer read range, allowing users to read tags at relatively long distances. This makes operations more efficient, especially when large numbers of objects need to be scanned quickly.

High-speed reading and writing: UHF RFID systems are capable of reading and writing tag data at high speeds, which is important for quickly identifying and tracking objects, especially in logistics, inventory management, and production environments.

Multi-tag processing: UHF RFID systems can read multiple tags at the same time without scanning them one by one. This multi-label processing capability increases efficiency and reduces the need for manual operations.

Multi-tag area coverage: UHF RFID technology allows coverage of large areas, such as entire warehouses or stores. This means you can identify and track a large number of objects without moving the tag.

Suitable for dynamic environments: UHF RFID tags and readers can work in high-speed motion and dynamic environments, such as objects on fast conveyor belts, without compromising performance.

Powerful data storage capacity: UHF RFID tags usually have larger data storage capacity, so more information can be stored, such as production batches, manufacturer information, prices, etc.

Automation and real-time: UHF RFID system can realize automated data collection and real-time monitoring. This helps reduce manual intervention and improves the efficiency of production, inventory management and logistics.

High security: UHF RFID systems can employ encryption and authentication measures to ensure data security and prevent unauthorized reading or tampering.

Wide Applications: Due to its high performance and versatility, UHF RFID tags are widely used in logistics, supply chain management, retail, manufacturing, healthcare, agriculture, aerospace and many other fields.

Cost-Effectiveness: As technology develops, the cost of UHF RFID tags gradually decreases, making it affordable for more industries and businesses to adopt this technology.

Product Parameters:

Item UHF RFID Tag Sticker
Material PET,3M glue
Chip M4QT
Standard ISO18000-6C
Working Frequency 860-960MHz
Work Model Read and write
Data retention >10 years
Working Distance 1-10M,depends on reader


Coated paper/PET+printing

Hot melt adhesive/self-adhesive


Antenna (aluminum)

hot melt adhesive

release paper


UHF RFID Tag Sticker


Carton Size:40*40*23cm


More Product:

Features of UHF RFID Tag Stickers:

The UHF RFID Tag can recognize high-speed moving objects and multiple objects at the same time. It has the following advantages:

1. Strong penetrability and resistance to harsh environments.

2. Strong security and confidentiality.

3. It can be reused and has a large data memory capacity.


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