RFID Key Fob Types

Product Name:RFID Key Fob Types
Chip:F08 1K

Product Introduction :

This RFID Key Fob Types is Sensitive and fast reading.

High quality chip/sensing line graph, responsive.

High quality ABS material, strong and lightweight.

Contactless proximity card, easy to use.

Bold buckle, beautiful and durable.

Excellent performance, anti-magnetic, anti-static.

Multi-color optional, can be customized color.

Waterproof, moistureproof and shockproof, suitable for harsh environments.

Features of the RFID Key Fob Types :

1. The chip coil is encapsulated by the ABS shell and filled with epoxy resin, and the special-shaped cards with various shapes are assembled through ultrasonic welding.
2. The color is black, green, red, yellow, blue and other colors, there may be a certain color difference depending on the display
3. It can be screen-printed and icon-jet coded; waterproof, dustproof, and shock-resistant; adaptable to the temperature -10~+50°C.


Product Introduction:

RFID Key Fob Types is a keychain model that is made of ABS material and pressed out through a high-quality hardware mold. The copper wire COB is then placed inside the pressed keychain model, which is then ultrasonically closed to become a commonly used keychain for access control. The keychain has a small size and is easy to carry, making it very suitable for use in all in one card payments. As long as the keychain is hung on the keychain in community life, you can consume without carrying a wallet. A series of operations such as recharging, checking balance, and consumption records can be carried out through the internet, which is very convenient. The keychain has strong anti-interference ability, small size, and recognition distance that is twice that of equivalent products. Users can customize reading and writing.


Operating frequency: 13.56MHZ/125KHZ

Read/write characteristics: 2-5cm (based on the reader)

Colors and sizes: a variety of options, can also be customized according to customer requirements.

Special process: can be screen printing pattern, can spray ID code serial number.

Product Parameters
Product name RFID Key Fob Types
Size 37*30*8 mm
Chip F08
Frequency 13.56Mhz
Protocol ISO14443A
Working life 100,000 times
Working temperature -20℃~70℃

RFID Key Fob Types




Carton size:40*20*36cm


RFID Key Fob Types


RFID Key Fob Types are suitable for access control, attendance, meeting,door lock,

staff management, bus, parking lot, identity authentication,

Attendance management, all-in-one ticket payment, products

logo, etc.

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4. Arrange sample production

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7. Arrange shipment


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