Magnetic Ibutton TM Card

The TM1990A-F5 electronic iButton key with unique 64-bit code is a full quality analog of Dallas/Maxim DS1990A-F5 iButtons. Designed for access control systems each key has a unique family code that is recorded while the key is being produced and the code cannot be overwritten.


Product Introduction:

1. The Magnetic Ibutton TM Card is made of zinc alloy material, which has strong electrical conductivity; to ensure accurate data transmission;

2. The contacts are chrome-plated, which can effectively prevent oxidation;

3. Equipped with a card reading indicator, it is easier to read the card at night;

4. It can be easily installed on the iron door; the appearance design matches the TM card and the card reading is very sensitive, unlike the probes of other manufacturers, the card needs to be pressed hard to swipe the card, which will cause the TM to be damaged;

5. Dimensions: height 13MM, probe outer diameter 22MM, locking gong female outer diameter 25MM


  • Overwriting to the controller memory a huge number of times;
  • Manufactured on the basis of high-quality and durable magnetic media;
  • The devices are compact and light in weight;
  • Can be used in any working position;
  • Average service life 10 years;
  • The eyelet holder is made of plastic;
  • Work at any temperature;
  • Instant reading: instantly transmits the code to the reader;
  • Low cost;
  • Work with the Doorphones: any door phones and Dallas access systems.
Technical specifications American DALLAS encryption card
Mean failure Normal use 1/100,000 times
Manufacturer serial number The only 64-digit number in the world
System logic 64-bit password protection
storage capacity 8Kbits RAM
Card reading method Touch
Read and write characteristics Readable, writable and encryptable
Number of reads and writes 1.5 billion times or more
Technical index
Working temperature -40 ℃~+85 ℃
Reading times 350,000 times
Service life 20 years
TM card size 16.25mm×5.89mm
Product weight 2.5g

Unlocking principle:

When opening the door, the electric control system of the lock verifies whether the 64-bit password stored in the TM card is the same as the stored password. Open the door if they are the same, and don’t react to differences. If the number string is tried for a certain number of consecutive times, it will alarm.

That is, the TM card has a difference of 2 to the 64th power.

Application fields: Used in various inspection systems such as smart communities, postal services, railways, fire protection, electric power, cable television, chemicals, oil fields, and hotels, school dormitories, TM door locks, TM water meters, TM electricity meters, and TM gas meters.

Magnetic Ibutton TM Card



Carton size:73*24*33cm


Magnetic Ibutton TM CardMagnetic Ibutton TM Card

Magnetic Ibutton TM Card

Magnetic Ibutton TM Card

Magnetic Ibutton TM Card


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