Transparent Epoxy Resin RFID Key Fob

RFID ABS keyfob is a transponder consisting of a chip and a coil antenna in the robust ABS material. It is Waterproof, Durable,Small, Smart and Portable.
It could be common 125KHz,compliant with various chips for wide use. Each RFID keyfob has a unique ID, so is an ideal low-cost and reliable solution to improve efficiency of the management and heighten the security, like automated check-in/check-out procedures in hotels or staff access control uses.


Product Introduction

This kind RFID Keyfob has a unique ID number and Eco-friendly material, so it is widely used for the holiday hotel door open key.

Features: Eco-friendly

Transparent resin keyfob aplication: Vacation hotel door key.

This is small in size and easy to carry. It is very suitable for one-card payment. As long as the keychain card is hung on the key, there will be no case of forgetting to bring the wallet. It is especially suitable for regional consumption. As long as you hang the keychain on the keychain card, you can consume it without a wallet. A series of operations, such as recharging, checking balance, consumption records, etc., can be carried out through the network, which is very convenient.

Color Optional:

Green, Red, Pur color, blue, etc.

Or customized

Transparent Epoxy Resin RFID Key Fob

Advantages of HID 125Khz Fob:

Mature and reliable technology, stable reading distance + minutes, not affected by body shielding or changes in environmental conditions, even when close to keys and coins.

Easy to use, HID art design, customer ID number, can be put in purse or handbag.

Easy to manage, cross-reference list of externally printed card numbers and programmed ID numbers to facilitate system management.

Long service life, the passive design of the Rabbit battery allows for unlimited reads.

Durable, firm, tough, not easy to crack.

Application of HID 125Khz Fob:

Commonly used in HID prohibition system, HID attendance system, HID consumption system, HID parking system, HID patrol system, HID conference system, HID membership system, HID book system, HID-Cartoon applications, etc.

Transparent Epoxy Resin RFID Key Fob

Transparent Epoxy Resin RFID Key Fob

Transparent Epoxy Resin RFID Key Fob

Q: The difference between IC and ID card.
A: The frequency of IC card is 13.56MHZ, and the frequency of ID card is 125KHZ, so the card cannot be used universally.
It is necessary to purchase the corresponding products.
Q: The difference between authorization card and copy card.
A: The authorization card, also known as the property card, is divided into two types: IC/ID. It can only be used after the property is added to the access control system.
Otherwise, the card cannot be swiped, and the copy card can read other card information and write it into this card for use!
Q: There is no response after swiping the card, and it will be invalid after swiping it once. (Or after copying the card, the original card will become invalid)
A: Some access control or elevator systems have firewall and rolling code functions to prevent copying.
You can try to use a card that can penetrate the firewall and a device that can write rolling codes.


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