Dual Frequency Entry Keyfob

Product Name:Dual Frequency Entry Keyfob
Frequency:Dual frequency


Product Introduction:


1. Can copy 1 ID card and 1 IC (CUID) card.

2. It can be erased and written repeatedly, through the IC firewall, two cards in one.

3. Responsive and quick identification,High and low dual-frequency large coil induction is more sensitive.

4. Fully enclosed waterproof design, Waterproof, high temperature resistance, drop resistance.

5. Ultrasonic lamination, Sturdy and durable for long-term use.

6. Can custom logo you need.


Suitable for all occasions:Community residence, Attendance punch, elevator door, packing lot.

What are the benefits of dual frequency keyfob ?

Dual frequency keyfob is a separate ID keyfob and a Individual IC keyfob information is collected into one keyfob. Convenient. Similarly, an access control is an ID, and the elevator is an IC, then the two different systems can be the keyfob is configured for use as a dual frequency keyfob. one keyfob dual use,Solve the trouble of using multiple keyfob.

Product Parameters
Product Name Dual Frequency Entry Keyfob
Material ABS
Working frequency IC13.56MHz+ID125KHz
Scope of application Access control, parking, elevator, attendance, etc.,
Working temperature -40℃~75℃
Encapsulation Process Lamination, Auto Paste, Ultrasonic Encapsulation
Reading distance 2-5cm
Color Red,Yellow,Blue,etc
Size 51*33*20cm
Working life >100,000 times

Dual Frequency Entry Keyfob

Dual Frequency Entry Keyfob belongs to the field of radio frequency identification technology, including a keyring, a pendant, and a pendant suspended on the keyring. The pendant is equipped with an RFID electronic tag. The RFID electronic tag is composed of a chip and an inductance coil connected to the chip. The pendant is rectangular in shape, with a length of 5-6cm, a width of 3-5cm, and a thickness of 0.3-0.6cm. The pendant is a leather pendant. The outer diameter of the keyring is 3-4cm. The circumference of the pendant is sewn with wires, The RFID electronic tag is placed in the middle of the line. The utility model has a reasonable and simple structure, easy production and manufacturing, and convenient use. It has improved the existing keychain. Overall, the RFID keychain of the utility model includes a keyring, a hanging piece, and a hanging piece hanging on the keyring. The hanging piece is equipped with an RFID electronic tag. When in use, Simply lean the hanging part of the RFID keychain against the card reader and other reading devices to scan the data in the chip of the RFID electronic tag and achieve the corresponding function of the RFID electronic tag.

Dual Frequency Entry Keyfob

Dual Frequency Entry Keyfob

How to identify ID IC keyfob ?

1. Normally,the keyfob with a serial number of 8-18 digits on the surface is the ID keyfob.

If without the number on the surface of the keyfob is IC keyfob.

2. Install MIFARE CLASSIC TOOL or other similar NFC reading software on the mobile phone to read,

If there is a response, it is an IC keyfob, if there is no response, it is an ID keyfob.

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