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1. Materials: ABS, silicone, etc.

2. Packable chip: full RFID chip.

3. Common size: 40.38*31.5mm, 35.5*28mm,51.5*32mm, etc.

4. Working temperature: -20 — 70℃


Products Description

RFID Key tag is a transponder consisting of a chip and a coilantenna in the robust ABS material. It has a hole for a key ring or chain. 

It is a passive radio frequency tag product. It is suitable for a wide range of fields with its compact and fashionable appearance. It has the advantages of small size, light weight, high resistance

How to Use ?

Key chain can be used in access control, public transportation, parking, identity authentication, attendance management, parking management, skiing, tickets, one-card payment, product identification and many other aspects.

Read ID card/keyfob (TK4100/EM4100,etc.)

Write ID can be copied to the card/keyfob (T5577/EM4305 etc.)


RFID Key tag duplicate fob No engraved number printing on the surface.

Need to use a copy machine to write the id number for use.

Application areas of access control, buses, elevators, parking lots, all-in-one cards, etc

Product Parameters
Product name RFID Key Tag
Size 37*30*8mm
Chip 5200
Frequency 125Khz
Protocol ISO7814/5
Working life 100,000 times
Working temperature -20℃~70℃
Weight 0.005KG
Readding distance 2~5cm
Memory 64 bits

RFID Key Tag



Carton size:40*20*36cm


RFID Key Tag

RFID Key Tag can copy TK4100, can be encrypted.


Community access control, attendance system, property security

Industrial and mining management, parking management, patrol management, etc.


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