TM ibutton probe reader features:

1. The TM contact is made of zinc alloy material, which has strong electrical conductivity; to ensure accurate data transmission;

2. The contacts are chrome-plated, which can effectively prevent oxidation;

3. Equipped with a card reading indicator, it is easier to read the card at night;

4. It can be easily installed on the iron door; the appearance design matches the TM card and the card reading is very sensitive, unlike the probes of other manufacturers, the card needs to be pressed hard to swipe the card, which will cause the TM to be damaged;

5. Dimensions: height 13MM, probe outer diameter 22MM, locking gong female outer diameter 25MM


The DS9092 reading head probe is fixed on the panel or welded on the control board, and the data is read and transferred through the TM card of the iButton (DS1990 series), and the required data is transmitted to the control center to realize the function. The round probe shape is convenient for aligning the interface,

Matches the circular border of the iButton panel package. Metal contacts are wear-resistant and have high sensitivity.

DS9092 can be attached to a flat panel (standard) or welded

More robust for use in harsh environments. This type of probe is most preferred by designers who come into contact with iButtons

Product Parameters:

Material Zinc,alloy
Model DS9092
Wire length 150mm
Dimension 13*22mm
Weight 24g
Suitable for 1990,1991,1996,1961 ibutton
Application Access control,patrol,railway,etc

TM Ibutton Probe ReaderPackage:100pcs/ctn


TM Ibutton Probe Reader

TM Ibutton Probe Reader

TM Ibutton Probe Reader

TM Ibutton Probe Reader model information:

TM9092(DS9092+) Panel Mount Read Head Probe, Solid Face, 2 Wire

TM9092L (DS9092L) Panel Mount Probe with LED, 4 Wire

TM9092T (DS9092GT#) Panel Mount Read Head Probe. Solid Surface. 2 Wire Copper Read Head

TM9092LT Panel Read Head with LED

TM9092TG panel mount read head probe with RJ11 crystal head

TM9092C Panel Mount Read Head with Magnetic Attachment and 2-Wire Terminals

TM9092TL Panel Mount Read Head with LED, with 4-Wire Terminals

TM9092P PCB directly soldered and fixed, 2 pins

TM9092P+ panel mounting and direct soldering, 2 pins


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