Product Introduction:

T5577 chip has unique and stable performance and good encryption performance (multi-level authorization), so it is mainly suitable for inductive smart door locks, channel systems, attendance systems, identification, property identification, process control, parking, logistics, animal identification, and identification , Industrial automation, conference sign-in, electronic labels, supermarkets, warehouse management, personnel management, security systems, etc.

T5577 Rewritable RFID Wristband Press deduction ,Soft texture and good elasticity, comfortable to wear.

Waterproof, wear-resistant, intelligent, high temperature resistance, and bending resistance.

Non-toxic, does not irritate the skin.Widely used in wet environments such as parks and swimming pools.

Specific Size:


T5577 Rewritable RFID Wristband

T5577 Rewritable RFID Wristband

T5577 Rewritable RFID Wristband



Carton Size:51.5*25.5*35cm


T5577 Rewritable RFID Wristband

T5577 Rewritable RFID Wristband

This Rewritable RFID Wristband Features:

It has the characteristics of anti-magnetic, anti-static, anti-destructive and durable, good anti-counterfeiting, and high data security (encryptable, large data storage capacity, low cost of application equipment and system network environment, etc., implemented in accordance with ISO7814/7815 standards.

According to user needs,freely match the chips required by the system.

Can be customized to print two-dimensional code, LOGO,Text, running code, etc.


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