T5577 Read And Write Blank Card

Product name:T5577 Read and Write Blank Card


Product Introduction:

T557 chip has unique and stable performance and good encryption performance (multi-level authorization), so it is mainly suitable for inductive smart door locks, channel systems, attendance systems, identification, property identification, process control, parking, logistics, animal identification, and identification , Industrial automation, conference sign-in, electronic labels, supermarkets, warehouse management, personnel management, security systems, etc. In addition, the T5557 chip can be packaged into various special-shaped cards.

It has the characteristics of anti-magnetic, anti-static, anti-destructive and durable, good anti-counterfeiting, and high data security (encryptable, large data storage capacity, low cost of application equipment and system network environment, etc., implemented in accordance with ISO7814/7815 standards.

T5577 Read and Write Card widely use in all sectors of society such as telecommunications, banking, securities, insurance, transportation, industry and commerce, finance, real estate, health, logistics, shopping malls and so on.

Product Parameters:

Material PVC
Size CR80,85.5*54mm*0.9mm
Chip T5577
Frequency 125KHz
Protocol ISO7814/7815
Memory 363 bits
Reading Distance 2~5cm
Writing Cycle 100,000 times
Color White Blank




T5577 Read And Write Blank Card

T5577 Read And Write Blank Card

T5577 Read And Write Blank Card

T5577 Read And Write Blank Card

T5577 Read and write Blank Card also can used in community access control, attendance, parking lot, member consumption, direct drinking water, tickets and discount cards for exhibitions, parks, hotels, restaurants and other public places, as well as production process, postal parcels, air and rail transportation, product packaging, transportation and other departments Logistics, electronic labels, anti-counterfeiting signs, one-time tickets and many other fields.


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