RFID Faux Leather Keychain

RFID leather buckle is a personalized jewelry or accessory that integrates radio frequency identification (RFID) technology. It is usually made of leather or synthetic leather and has the capability to be loaded with an RFID chip. This chip can store and transmit information to enable a variety of applications such as access control, authentication, payment, tracking and management.

Products Name: RFID Keyfob
Sample: Available stock sample for free
Chip: 13.56MHz mifare 1k
Color: Black


Product Introduction

This kind RFID Keyfob is easy to used and carried. Every keychain has a unique ID number, so it has highly security for the door key.

It is widely used in schools, enterprises, high-speed toll collection, community management, hospitals, water parks, libraries, and other scenes. 

Authentication and access control: RFID buckles are commonly used in access control systems such as corporate buildings, schools, apartment complexes or event venues. The holder simply holds the buckle close to the card reader, and the system recognizes their identity and allows or denies access to specific areas.

Vehicle control: In the automotive field, RFID buckles can be used as vehicle starters. The owner only needs to place the buckle in the designated area, and the vehicle’s RFID system will recognize it and allow it to be started.

Payment and transportation: RFID buckles can also be used for contactless payments, such as in public transportation systems. Users only need to hold the buckle close to the card reader to complete the payment. This is common in urban transportation and ticketing systems.

Item Tracking and Management: RFID buckles can be attached to items and used to track the location and status of inventory, luggage, or other items. This is very useful in logistics and inventory management.

Customization and personalization: Since RFID leather buckles can be customized, people can choose different leather, colors, patterns and chip functions according to their own needs, making it a personalized accessory.

Security: RFID technology can provide high security because data communications are usually encrypted and difficult to forge or tamper with.

Convenience: The RFID buckle does not need to be inserted or swiped, just bring it close to the card reader to complete the interaction. This makes operation faster and more convenient.

1. The chip coil is packaged and wrapped by leather, with various shapes of special-shaped cards.

2. Colors and custom styles are available.

3. Can be screen printed logo, embossed LOGO, waterproof, dustproof, anti-vibration

You can customize your own RFID Leather Keyfob.

Product Parameters:

Material PU/Leather
Working Frequency 13.56Mhz
Chip mifare 1K

1k bytes writable

Dimension 65mm X 60mm X 7mm (2.56′ X 2.36′ X 0.276′)
Operating Distance 2-5cm
Working life > 100,000 times
Working model Passive no battery
Operating Temperature -20℃ ~ 75℃
Stock Temperature

-30℃ ~ 80℃


50pcs/bag, 1000pcs/carton

Carton size: 40*33*21cm

GW: 10kg

RFID Faux Leather Keychain

50pcs/bag 1000pcs/carton
RFID Faux Leather Keychain RFID Faux Leather Keychain

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Q1. What is a security RFID key?
RFID Key is a method of identification worn by attendees at events to control admission.

Q2. What is RFID?
Radio-frequency identification (RFID) is a term describing a wireless, non contact system that uses radio waves to transfer data from a carrier to a device, for the purpose of identification.

Q3. Are you factory?
1.Sure, we are source manufacturer, welcome to visit our factory at your convenience.

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The samples can be available for your test, the delivery time is 4~6 days.

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We support all the international Express and we will provide you tracking number for every shipment.


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