F08 PVC blank Card

Product name:F08 PVC blank Card


Chip:F08/compatible mifare 1k



Product Introduction:

F08 PVC blank Card widely use in Patrol system, access control system, attendance system, parking lot management system, membership management system, campus and consumer card and other radio frequency identification fields. It can also be used for personalized production of business cards, medical care, membership, and work permits. 

NTAG216 also has new functions such as password, signature, NFC counter etc.

Card surface process:

Four-color printing, magnetic stripe, signature strip, portrait, inkjet, serial number, punching, UV printing, etc.

Product Parameter:

Material PVC
Size CR80,85.5*54mm*0.9/0.85*0.8mm
Chip F08
Memory 888 bytes
Frequency 13.56MHz
Protocol ISO14443A
Reading Distance 2~5cm
Writing Cycle 100,000 times
Working Temperature -40℃~65℃
Stock Temperature -20℃~50℃




NTAG216 PVC Printable Card

Product Application:

NTAG216 PVC Printable Card

F08 PVC blank Card

F08 PVC blank Card

NTAG216 PVC Printable Card is waterproof, anti-magnetic, high temperature resistant.

High-quality new environmentally friendly materials, no pollution and no peculiar smell,

The card surface is scratched, the color of the card surface is purer, and the card is thinner

Greasy and smooth, the printing effect is brighter and more beautiful.

High sensitivity response, high frequency, fast reading speed, induction

The distance is 2.5-5cm, easy to carry (based on the card reader).


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