134.2khz microchip with syringe


Operator Size:120mm

Operating Frequency:134.2khz

Operating Standard:FDX-B, ISO11784/5

Operating Distance:5-10cm

Operating temperature:0°C-70°C

Application:Implant animal such as Dog, Cat, Fish,Rabbit,Mouse,Sheep,Horse,etc

carton size:50*40*40cm


Products Description

Glass tube bioelectronic tags are suitable for animal husbandry, identification of pigs, cattle, sheep, mink, raccoon dogs, foxes, dragon fish, yaks, etc. Glass tube electronic tags are divided into two types: read-only and read-write. It adopts biochemical and medical materials and processes, and is produced in full compliance with ISO11784/85 international standards. It has been widely used at home and abroad at present, and can effectively control “rabies” and other events. It cooperates with animal husbandry management software to manage the whole process of animal growth in an all-round way. . This electronic tag can be read and written as long as the reader antenna is close to the animal implantation point.

The glass tube electronic chip is made of biochemical and medical materials, and the surface of the chip is attached with a non-slip coating. The product is small in size and light in weight,Radio frequency signal penetration, the product uses a disposable syringe safe and hygienic, which can effectively avoid cross-infection of animals. Be applicable For various animal identification such as: dogs, cats, foxes, dragon fish, mice, yaks, etc. At present, it has been widely used at home and abroad, The management of the whole process of animal growth. As long as the reader antenna is close to the animal implantation point, the electronic tag can be collected signed data.
Application fields:
Pigs, cattle, sheep, cats, dogs, laboratory rats, pet minks, raccoon dogs, foxes, arowanas, salmon, horses, rabbits, etc.

Packing material Breathable paper for medical use
Frequency 134.2khz
Size 2.12*12mm/1.4*8mm/1.25*7mm
Disinfection method EO (ethylene oxide) disinfection, valid for five years
Color The barrel is white and the needle is not removable
Visible information on the packaging Disinfection date, effective use date, 15-digit code (expressed in barcode form)
Weight 8.5g


134.2khz microchip with syringe


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