134.2KHz Microchip Scanner

This is a low frequency tag scanner that adopt wireless identification technology and it suppors reading EMID, FDX- B(ISO11784/85) etc. tag.

The device supports storage function, can storeup to 256pieces of data information [1] V3.07 version, users can upload to the computer in real time through USB data line.


Products Description

This is a low frequency tag scanner that adopt wireless identification technology and it suppors reading EMID, FDX- B(ISO11784/85) etc. tag.The device supports storage function, can storeup to 256pieces of data information [1] V3.07 version, users can upload to the computer in real time through USB data line.
At the same time, it supports Bluetooth functionversion V3.08 or V3.09, andtransmitsdata through mobile phone and other devices (Bluetooth HID analog keyboard or Bluetooth SPP serial port communication is available for choice).
The product has been tested by multiple software and hardware, with stable performance and simple operation. Starting from many aspects,the appearance design is simple, small and light, low pressure power consumption. It is suitable for small animal management, data collection, traceability management and other fields. 

Products Name: Animal microchip scanner

Model: W90B

RF Standard: 134.2khz FDX-B and 125khz EMID64

Application: Microchip glass tag scanner

Special Function

connect: USB2.0,Wireless 2.4G,Bluetooth

Product Introduction

134.2KHz Animal microchip scanner is mostly used for reading the glass tag which has implanted in to pets’ body. It can read the galss tag ID numbers for tracking animal.

Product parameters

Material ABS
Working Frequency 134.2KHZ ,125Khz
Memory 128 records
Reading time <100ms
charging connect


Battery 3.7V lithium battery (chargeable)
Using Time 4-5 hours
RF Standard ISO11784/11785, FDX-B and ID64(EMID)
Operating Distance 2-10cm
Operating Temperature -15℃ ~ 45℃
Stock Temperature -25℃ ~ 50℃
Operating Language English
Display OLED



1pcs/box, GW 110g

134.2KHz Microchip Scanner

Microchip scanner can stransfer the data to computer with wireless connect, to cellphone, tablet with bluetooth connect. So it can do with different kinds system for administration

134.2KHz Microchip Scanner

Microchip Scanner is easy to used

press the blue button to read the tags when close the microchip, it will displays the result on OLED

134.2KHz Microchip Scanner


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