Product Introduction:

125KHz RFID Key Fob is a passive radio frequency tag product. It is suitable for a wide range of fields with its compact and fashionable appearance. It has the advantages of small size, light weight, high resistance

Temperature, fatigue resistance, stable performance, easy installation and so on. It is very convenient to carry and stylish and beautiful. Letters that can be used to identify people, items.

It can encapsulate a variety of chips in the fields of information management, hotel prohibition, and valuables opening keys.


Waterproof, anti-drop, sensitive and wear-resistant.

Different colors, patterns or appearance designs can be selected for production according to customer requirements

The surface can be printed with Logo laser code, ID serial number.

The chip is complete and varied

Custom colors in stock .

Factory direct sales multiple warranty

Product Parameters
Product name 125KHz RFID Key Fob
Size 28*35mm
Chip TK4100
Frequency 125Khz
Protocol ISO7814/5
Working life 100,000 times
Working temperature -20℃~70℃
Weight 0.005KG
Readding distance 2~5cm
Memory 64 bits

125KHz RFID Key Fob

125KHz RFID Key Fob

125KHz RFID Key Fob

Application of the 125KHz RFID Key Fob:

Community access control, bus payment, identity authentication, parking lot management, attendance management, all-in-one card.


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