08CD ID IC Duplicator Machine

Product name:08CD ID IC Duplicator Machine
Working standard:ISO7814/7815,ISO14443A
Application:Copy ID IC Cards
Reading distance:2-5cm(depends on tags)


Product Introduction:

1. Voice broadcast.2. HD3.2 inch full color screen, with a perfect display effect!3. Can replicate these frequencies:ID card : 125KHz, 250kHz, 375KHz, 500KHz, 625KHz, 750kHz, 875KHz, 1000KHz,IC card : 13.56MHz,4. All the Cards and Keyfobs are rewritable5 .The 125KHz ID card (T5577/EM4305 chip) can also copy your 125kHz card5.Digital key input number can be directly input.6. It can crack the encryption card.7. 4AAA batteries (not included) / 5V USB power supply.8. Comes decoding, direct preparation of various types of smart card access door.

It can crack the encryption card

Product Parameters

Material ABS
Model 08CD Card Reader
IC Card 13.56MHz
ID Card 125KHz,250KHz,375KHz500KHz,625KHz,750KHz
Reading distance 2-5cm (depends on tags)
Application Copy IC,ID Cards
Function ID/IC full-hand,voice broadcast

08CD ID IC Duplicator Machine


This 08CD ID IC Duplicator machine is suitable for advanced locksmiths,

Property management units, rental housing landlords, time cards,

Add access control card, professional matching shop, card making,Inspection, parking lot card.

08CD ID IC Duplicator Machine


Large capacity battery slot

4 AA batteries,

USB socket plug and play

Two power supply methods can be used anytime, anywhere

Crystal keys

The keys feel comfortable and do not fade

touch sensitive

Elastic strap allows snap on standard

Area Sensing, Improve Efficiency,more sensitive.

How to Use ?

Step 1

Open the 08CD Duplicator Machine,and press "OK"

Step 2

Press "SCAN"

Enter the automatic card reading mode (automatic identification ID

IC card reading card number)

Step 3

Put the new card in the induction area and press "WRITE"to write the card

Step 4

When it show"Write success!"

That mean copy successfully.


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