Do you know UHF RFID bull ear tags


Uhf bovine ear tag RFID is specially tailored for livestock breeding bovine ear tag, mainly used for animal tracking and identification management in livestock farming industry; Electronic ear tags can record the ear number of each animal with its breed, source, production performance, immune status, health status, animal owner and other information. In case of epidemic and animal product quality problems, it can trace (trace) its source, distinguish responsibilities and plug loopholes. The main part adopts non-toxic, odorless, non-irritating soft and durable TPU (polyether type) material to ensure that the product is suitable for use in different environments.

Imported TPU polyether material, chemical stability, non-toxic, waterproof, no odor, wear resistance, no cracking, long service life, no skin irritation.Laser etched numbering marks on the surface. Low shedding rate and easy to apply with matching stud. With the corresponding reader, the longest reading distance can reach 6 meters.

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