An NFC “social chip” is a hit

An NFC "social chip" is a hit

In livehouse, in lively bars, young people no longer have to add wechat at the top of their voices. Recently, a “social chip” has become popular, allowing young people on the dance floor to simply take out their mobile phones and tap the back of them to add friends to their social media profiles.

The secret to one-click social networking lies in the round sticker on the back of the phone — the “social chip”。As long as you take any ordinary smart phone and gently touch the phone with the “social chip” on the back, a URL will pop up on the screen of the mobile phone, which not only contains the mobile phone number, wechat, Weibo and other social accounts, but also the accounts of music, sports and shopping platforms. Click the icon to jump to the corresponding platform and add friends with one click.

A thin piece of “sticker”, how to achieve one-click social? The sticker contains an NFC(near field communication) chip that transmits data over a very short distance between two electronic devices. In fact, NFC technology is not mysterious, has been widely used in mobile payment, mobile bus card and access card, and most of the high-end mobile phones in the market have this function.

And it’s not the first time NFC technology has been used in social situations. A similar product in the US, Popl, is designed as a key ring and wristband in addition to a sticker. TikTok has sold more than 700,000 products and $2.7 million in sales in two months since it went viral, and it recently raised $2.2 million in funding. The difference is that Popl is positioned as an “electronic business card” and focuses more on the business scene, while domestic “social chip” brands pay more attention to the social needs of contemporary young people.

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