RFID technology promotes more intelligent waste recycling

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Once the garbage cans’ identities are known, the sanitation vehicle’s accompanying RFID equipment reads the information on their tags and determines how much work each vehicle has completed. Residents will be placed in the garbage classification, and the sanitation vehicle will be sent to the site to clean up the garbage at the same time that RFID tags are installed to confirm the identity of the vehicle and to view the vehicle’s work path.

RFID tags were introduced within the range of operation of the sanitation vehicle’s RFID equipment, which then started reading RFID data from garbage cans. This data was then uploaded to the system to be used to document the community’s household garbage situation. Following the completion of the garbage collection, the vehicle will leave the district and enter the following district to collect domestic trash. On the way, the RFID tag of the vehicle will be read by the RFID reader, and the time spent collecting garbage in the district will be recorded. At the same time, the vehicle will be checked to ensure that it is following the designated route to collect the that the residential rubbish can be removed in time to limit the reproduction of mosquitoes.

When residents pour barrels of garbage into the garbage collection vehicle, the garbage collection vehicle’s RFID tag reader can read the garbage cans above the RFID information, allowing it to identify the corresponding pouring of garbage residents of the identity information. Participating residents will receive RFID tags of the classification of garbage cans; these garbage cans in the RFID tags and residents of personal identity information are bound together. The garbage collection truck’s RFID tag reader can scan the RFID data on the trash can, allowing it to identify the resident who is pouring the trash. With the help of this technology, we can clearly comprehend how the locals conduct recycling and rubbish classification.

To achieve the full process of garbage recycling supervision and traceability after garbage classification and recycling using RFID technology, the garbage disposal information will be recorded in real-time. This will ensure that the efficiency of garbage transportation and processing has been significantly improved, and will be every time the garbage disposal information is recorded for the realization of intelligent garbage management.

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