Product Introduction:

Rfid animal ear tags  provide to use Radio Frequency ldentification (RFID)


They are designed for any kind of animal such as cattle, sheep, goat by

conforming to international standards ISO 11784/5, ISO14443A and ISO1 8000-6C.

UHF Rfid animal tags has a reading distance up at least 3m by the most qualified

transponder system, and technology.

The system provides to watch the cattle and sheep easily. While an animal is

moving, it is easy to read its number because a transponder isn't affected by

environmental factors such as dust, mud, or dirt.

Farms prefer RFID system because it enables to record feeding, milking,

weighing procedures. Tagging is applied on both ears by using visual and electronic

ear tags.

UHF Rfid animal tags have a 24 digit unique number. Visual ear tag includes all

information about animal identification number.

Product Parameters:

Material TPU
Size 51*18mm
Chip Ucode 9
Frequency 860-960MHz
Protocol ISO18000-6C
Color Yellow
Temperature -37℃~75℃
Distance 3-10m (based on reader)

Feature and Advantages of RFID ear tag 

1. Pure TPU ma terial

2. High Temperature Resistant and UV Resistant

3. Long Rang Reading Distance

4. Professional customization Service ( Customized color ,logo printing, ID number

encoding, customized shape molding etc)

UHF Sheep Ear Tag

UHF Sheep Ear Tag

UHF Sheep Ear Tag

Our UHF Sheep Ear tag,can laser engraving, no fading, TPU material is cold-resistant, frost-resistant and heat-resistant,MOQ :100pcs,sample are free.You only need to pay for the shipping fee.


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