Product Introduction:

The main reason why carbon fiber has electromagnetic shielding ability is because of its good electrical conductivity. The common volume resistivity of carbon fiber is between (0.8~1.8)×10-3Ω·cm, and the conductivity will increase with the increase of heat treatment temperature. Therefore, after high temperature graphitization treatment, carbon fiber can become an excellent reflective material for electromagnetic waves.

In addition to excellent electromagnetic shielding performance, carbon fiber also has the characteristics of high strength and light weight. In foreign countries, carbon fiber composite materials have been applied to stealth aircraft and other aircraft, and the carbon fiber has been modified to reduce electromagnetic wave reflection.

The smart car key will emit a radio frequency signal. Put the car key in a signal shielding bag for safekeeping. By adding a shielding layer to the key, the signal of the smart car key can be effectively prevented from being copied and stolen.

Product Parameter:

Material Carbon Fiber
Size 14*9cm
Color Black/brown,etc
Function Anti radiation,signal shield
Logo Silkscreen, Debossed, woven label, leather label
Special craft Materl ring, hook, custom package, ect
Weight 40g/pc
Usage For car key/phone/credit card protecting

More Style:

RFID Signal Blocking Bag


1pc/opp bag,500pcs/ctn


RFID Signal Blocking Bag

RFID Signal Blocking Bag

RFID Signal Blocking Bag


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