Product Introduction:

RFID Key Fob Copy is imported smart chip with high sensitivity, high performance and stability,durable and long service life.

Replicator Instructions:

1. Prepare the original card to be copied.

2. Read the original card number.

3. Replace the copy card and press the “write card”Key,show that the card is written successfully.

4. It can be used after successful replication. 

Provide customized services: 

1. Confirm the chip

2. Confirm the pattern and specifications

3. Confirm the design plan and provide AI files

4. Arrange sample production

5. Confirm the sample

6. Arrange production

7. Arrange shipment

RFID Key Fob Copy

RFID Key Fob Copy

RFID Key Fob Copy




Carton size:40*20*36cm


RFID Key Fob Copy

About logo printing:

RFID Key Fob Copy can be printed and produced according to the customer’s manuscript, and the manuscript material needs to provide CDR, AI

Etc. AI format all works with vector.


Q: The card is copied successfully and cannot be used.

A: Cards with different chips and frequencies for ID and IC, such as access control systems with firewalls or special chips,

It may be possible to copy successfully, but it cannot be used. You can contact our sales manager or view the summary of access control card categories below.

Q: The ID card cannot be copied and read.

A: The ID card has various frequencies such as 125KHZ/250KHZ/350KHZ/500KHZ.

The most common one on the market is 125KHZ, so there may be cards that cannot be written after being read.

(You need to use the same frequency keyfob to write to solve)


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