Product Introduction:

1. The plastic shell is made of ABS, anti-aging and anti-oxidation

2. The metal material is chrome-plated copper with excellent electrical performance

3. The length of the standard brick line is 40cm


Compatible with DS9092 series read head plastic parts, wire length, terminals, etc. can be customized

Application: taxi management, tool management, community access control, property security, industrial and mining management, etc.

Technical parameter:

1. Wire: 24# sheathed wire, red and black color, red-DATA, black-GND

2. Fastening method: threaded fastening

3. Working environment: residential buildings, shopping malls, light industry

4. Working temperature: -40℃~+85℃

5. Humidity: <70%

Probe Reader For TM Card

Surface polishing and electroplating, smooth and tidy, beautiful and durable

The all-metal design of the contact surface ensures a service life of more than one million times

Can be customized according to user needs, adding LED light function

High-quality wires to ensure good electrical performance

Equipped with ABS nut for easy installation

Wire length/terminal/plastic parts can be customized to meet individual needs

Probe Reader For TM Card

This Probe Reader For TM Card:

1. Pure copper wire, insulating rubber seal, reliable performance.

2. Various specifications of wire length, LED lights optional

3. According to customer needs, standard 10cm. Customized reading head specifications and dimensions.

4. The back line terminals can be customized.


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