Product Introduction:

Printable smart pvc card made with Mifare Plus 4K, usually referred to as S70 card, conforms to ISO14443A standard, 4 or 7-byte UID, 4K data storage area, and data is protected by a key. 

Card surface technology, four-color printing, magnetic stripe, signature strip, portrait, coding, serial number, punching, UV printing, etc.

Application: Community access control, personnel management, identification card, mobile phone tag card, etc.

Product Parameters:

Material PVC
Size CR80,85.5*54mm
Chip Mifare Plus 4K
Memory 4K bytes
Frequency 13.56MHz
Protocol ISO14443A
Reading Distance 2~5cm
Working Temperature -20℃~+85℃
Features Waterproof,smart,easy used
Thickness 0.8mm/0.85mm/0.9mm

Customized Process:

Consulting – Design – Printing – Synthesis – Punching – Coding – Quality Inspection – Shipping

Printable Smart PVC Card

Printable Smart PVC Card




Printable Smart PVC Card

Printable Smart PVC Card

Printable Smart PVC Card


1.Customized products, please communicate with us about the customization requirements before placing an order.

2.Printed manuscript

It is necessary to provide CDR/PSD/A1 and other vector image conversion source files.

3.Delivery time (not arrival time)

The delivery time of all orders is calculated from the day after the order is placed:

4.Production cycle: payment of unconfirmed manuscripts and confirmed manuscripts not paid on time

Neither time.

5.About chromatic aberration

There will be some color difference between the printed product and the design drawing. If the color requirements are strict, please do proofing first to confirm

Or provide sample cards with the same color value and material.

6.About revision

After the manuscript is confirmed and paid, the artwork cannot be modified or the order can be cancelled. The revised artwork needs to be re-supported.

If you pay the corresponding fee or cancel the order, the payment will not be refunded. Please be sure to check the artwork again and again before confirming.

7.About returns

All products are customized and cannot be resold. If the goods are defective, they belong to normal printing

The scope of work will not be returned or exchanged. Please communicate with us for specific after-sales questions.


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