Product Introduction:

This PET Scanner RFID Reader is easy to operate, has multiple operating languages, can be directly charged with a USB data cable, can identify FDX-B and FDX-A tags, and the built-in battery uses 1400MA, which can read HDX, EM4102 and EM4305 It is a cost-effective product.

Description of the PET Scanner:

The reader has four buttons.

-One round button to switch the device on or off,

-Three central buttons

The upper button (2) and lower button (3) (scroll Up and scroll down) are used to scroll the various functions of the reader on the various menus.

At the top left of the device you will see a mini USB type connector used for

+recharging the device via a USB cable,

+transferring any data stored by the reader.

-An OLED display comprising four lines of 16 Characters.

Configuring the reader

After switching on the reader by pressing the On/Off button (1),you will see the message“Read" with an arrow above it.

Press button 2 to display the "Setting” menu .

Press the button 4 you will access to the menu "languages" . The reader is itilly configured to

Operate in English.

To change the language,after pressing e! button 4,press button 3 and scroll down the languages

Until the one you wish to use (for example English) is displayed.Youmust then validate your Choice (button 4).

The following message is displayed for 4 seconds:



and then the reader displays


The languages available are: English, French,Spanish, Portuguese, Italian , German and Polish

Once you have selected the language you can switch off the reader by holding down the “ON/Off      button.

Activating  the reader: 

When the reader is switched off, you can switch in on by pressing button 1. The display Shows:

 SCANPress the “Validate” button (4) to activate chip search for 20 seconds.ReadingThe operator must hold the reader close to the place where the chip is assumed to be,Scanning over the area slowly .First case:

A transponder is detected The reader emits a“beep” and displays the identification number in the following form: 


939 274877906744

in this case the transponder is an FDX B.type transponder.The identification number takes the form of a

Series of 15 digits(FDX B) or 10 digits (FDX A) The number remains displayed for two minutes before the reader switches itself off.

Note: switching off the reader causes the number Displayed to be erased fromthe memory.

Second case:

No transponder is detected.

If no transponder has been detected after 20 seconds, the reader emits three“beeps" and displays:

NO transponder found!

This message will be erased after approximately 15 seconds The reader will then display SCAN

It will switch itself off automatically aftertwo minutes to to save battery power .

In this case , it is recommended to make two or three further attempts to read a chip, scanning Widely over the area in which it is assumed to be implanted. Each successive pressing of the button(4) will restart the reading in accordance with process Described above

 PET Scanner RFID Reader 

Recharging the battery

This PET Scanner RFID Reader is powered by a Lithium/ion battery . This battery is designed to allow several thousand reading operations. It can be recharged by connecting the reader to a USB port. A fixed red LED(5) indicates that recharging is in progress and green(5) when it is fully loaded.The service life of the battery depends not only on its use but also om the environment in which the reader is stored An indicator on the right of the display (6) indicates the battery charge level ,When the charge is too low the reader displays the following message: LOW batteryOnly around ten more reading operations will be possible before the reader switches itself off permanently .To replace the battery, open the battery compartment on the underside of the reader. It is essential to use original batteries only. (Consult your distributor). Specifications Complying with standards ISO 11784/85 and 14223 Dimensions:L 15 cm,W 8 cm, Thickness 3.5cm Weight: 150g

Power supply:3.7V 1400mA rechargeable battery

2 X 12mm FDXA glass tag scanning distance:9cm

2 X 12mm FDXB glass tag scanning distance :9cm

Reads HDX and EM4102 chips

Supplied with a USB cable

Storage temperature:-10° +60°

Storage temperature:-5° +40 。

Bluetooth 4


CE and FCC


One year parts and labour with return to factory.

For more information consult "Comprehensive V8BT

manual" .

Designed in France and made in china


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