Product Introduction:

NTAG213 White blank card Special process: laser code, bar code, gold/silver printing, UV oil, portrait, punching, etc.


Application fields: used in hotel door locks, access control systems, all-in-one cards, highway tolls, identification, subway tickets, etc.

Product Parameter:

Material PVC
Size 85.5*54mm*0.9/0.85/0.8mm
Chip NTAG213
Memory 144 bytes
Frequency 13.56MHz
Protocol ISO14443A
Reading Distance 2~5cm
Type Read & write
Customized Support Customized logo


GW:35KGNTAG213 White Blank Card

NTAG213 White Blank Card

NTAG213 White Blank Card

NTAG213 White Blank Card

NTAG213 White Blank Card Advantage:

You can quickly query product information, and can quickly achieve meeting sign-in and attendance. Intelligent software such as navigation can be opened quickly, and business card information can be quickly exchanged. Support access control, mobile Phone payment.

Typical applications: 

Membership management, stored value consumption, personnel management, vehicle management, water and electricity payment, asset management, identity recognition, products

Quality traceability and other functions; such as enterprise/campus/scenic spot card, bus card, highway toll, parking card, community access card, test card

Attendance card, medical card, social security card, medical insurance card, residence permit, citizen card, subway ticket, membership card, recharge card, etc.


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