Product Application:

Instrument tracking, tool tracking, medical equipment management, source labeling, surgical instrument management, small asset tracking, IT and laptop tracking, embedded bolts.

Product Parameters:







Back adhesive

3M sticker

Working Temperature


Stock Temperature



Ucode 8


ISO18000-6C, Gen 2


132 bits

Working Mode

Read and write



Operating Distance

0.2-1 meter(base on reader power)

Data Retention

10 years

Micro UHF Custom RFID Tags

Micro UHF Custom RFID Tags

Micro UHF RFID Tag

Micro UHF Custom RFID Tags

The Micro UHF RFID Tag anti-metal electronic tag is packaged based on high-dielectric FR-4 (glass fiber cloth base) material and adopts frequency hopping.

Working mode, with high electrical characteristics and stability performance and super anti-metal interference ability. The electronic label made on FR-4 (glass fiber cloth base) has the characteristics of low dielectric loss, good frequency characteristics and high induction sensitivity. And can be embedded in metal objects, the ultra-miniature design is convenient for application in special places. Users can customize the standard data of reading and writing PCB anti-metal electronic tags, and the effective reading distance can reach more than 20 meters (with the reader).

related to the antenna). 512bits memory capacity, unique 94bit ID number, UHF anti-metal electronic tag adopts ultra-wide working frequency band design, which not only complies with relevant industry regulations, but also can be developed and applied flexibly. Multiple UHF anti-metal electronic tags (up to 200 512bits storage area for users to perform encrypted reading, writing, erasing and rewriting operations, and also open up permanent dedicated dedicated users for designated users.

The word area UHF anti-metal electronic tag is a passive tag without battery, the memory can be repeatedly erased and written more than 100,000 times, the effective service life is more than ten years, and the cost performance is higher. Support IS018000-6C (EPC gen 2) protocol and IS018000-6B The protocol is widely used in large-scale open-air power equipment inspections, large-scale iron tower and utility pole inspections, large and medium-sized elevator inspections, pallet management, large-scale pressure vessels, liquefier cylinders, factory equipment management, line inspections, metal bridge quality inspection tunnel inspection machines Signs, vehicle license plates, metal container management, product tracking of various electrical household equipment, etc.


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