Product Introduction:

1. This product has multi-protocol compatibility, fast reading rate and waterproof appearance design to meet the requirements of harsh working environment.

2. Fully support ISO-18000-6C (EPC G2) electronic labels.

3. Support various communication methods such as USB, RS232 and Wiegand26/34.

4. The output power is adjustable up to 30dbm, and supports timing mode, master-slave mode, trigger mode and other working modes.

Product Parameters

Working frequency

Standard configuration ISM 902~928MHz or ISM 865~868MHz is optional, other frequency bands can be customized

Antenna gain

built-in circular polarization antenna, gain 7dBi


ISO18000-6C(EPC G2)

Development kit

Provide SDK development kit, and provide C#, VC, VB, Java, Delphi development routines


 Provide test DEMO and automatic card writing and card reading DEMO, which is convenient for customers to issue and write cards

Output power

0~30dBm, software adjustable

Communication interface

N type: Wiegand26/34, RS232/RS485, US

BType E: Wiegand26/34, RS232/RS485, TCP, USB

Input interface

1 channel trigger input

Card reading mode

timing automatic card reading and external trigger control card reading, set by software

Card reading speed

set by software, the average reading time of a single card is less than 6ms per 64bits

Reading distance

(0-5m) (The reading distance is related to the label and the field environment)

Working temperature


Storage temperature


Power requirements





0.8Kg (1.8kg with packaging)

Long Range UHF RFID Reader

Long Range UHF RFID Reader

This Long Range UHF RFID Reader suitable for application: vehicle access control, automatic charging without parking, personnel access control management, logistics monitoring, production automation management and other fields.


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