Product Introduction:

HID Keyfob 1346

Operating Frequency: 125KHZ

Operating distance:2-10cm

Format HID26, HID37.etc

Model: 1346

Frequency: 125KHZ

Small size, can be carried on the key ring;


Fully compatible with all HID proximity readers,

Card reading distance: 2-10cm

Working Temperature:-20℃~70℃

Offers iCL ASS contactless read/write technology in a car-key-sized convenience device.

Molded plastic sleeve for durability in harsh environments.

An external number is provided for easy identification and control.

Can be placed on a key ring or lanyard for easy access.

All iCLASS credentials are:

Available as cards, tags and keys.

Uses 125 MHz read/write contactless smart card technology to provide high-speed, reliable data communication with excellent data integrity.

Ability to store biometric templates and useful data using read/write functionality.

All existing HID card formats are supported, including Corporate 1000.

Ability to program any existing HID format into a secure HID door] application zone* at the factory or in the field.

HID 125Khz Fob

HID 125Khz Fob




Carton size:40*20*36cm


HID 125Khz Fob

Advantages of HID 125Khz Fob:

Mature and reliable technology, stable reading distance + minutes, not affected by body shielding or changes in environmental conditions, even when close to keys and coins.

Easy to use, HID art design, customer ID number, can be put in purse or handbag.

Easy to manage, cross-reference list of externally printed card numbers and programmed ID numbers to facilitate system management.

Long service life, the passive design of the Rabbit battery allows for unlimited reads.

Durable, firm, tough, not easy to crack.

Application of HID 125Khz Fob:

Commonly used in HID prohibition system, HID attendance system, HID consumption system, HID parking system, HID patrol system, HID conference system, HID membership system, HID book system,

HID-Cartoon applications, etc.


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