Handheld Reader Animal Chip Scanner

Product name:Handheld Reader Animal Chip Scanner

Charging method:USB


Warranty period:one year


Product Introduction:

Newly Design Model :H01-6 (high-end blue button) animal chip handheld reader is dedicated to the field of animal identification,It can identify animal chips that meet ISO11784/85 standards.The product adopts advanced radio frequency transmitting/receiving circuit and embedded microcontroller,And combined with strict decoding algorithm to receive, verify and read the data of IS01 1784/85 compatible animal chip.It has the characteristics of high receiving sensitivity,low working current, convenient carrying and high cost performance.The data is displayed on the LCD screen in real time.

Product Parameters
Power supply

Built-in rechargeable battery                               

Please charge for 2 hours for the first time

Frequency 134.2KHz
Charging method USB
Screen display
OLED display
Continuously working 4 hours
Color White
Storage temperature -30℃~+65℃
Operating temperature -10℃~+50℃
Buzzer Built in
Data storage Can store 30 sets of data
Operating humidity 5%~90%
Including the overall weight of the package 150g
Machine net weight 113g
Package dimensions 16.4*14.1*3.8cm
Reading Standard ISO11784/5 FDX-B
Operating language English
Warranty One year
Accessory USB Charging Cable
Reading distanse The ear tag reading distance is 22-25cm,and the glass tube reading distance is 10-15cm              (depending on the chip size)

Handheld Reader Animal Chip Scanner

Product Instructions:

1: Press the blue button for 3 seconds, then turn on,enter the scanning state, and start scanning the label:(scanning waiting time is 20 seconds)

Handheld Reader Animal Chip Scanner

2: The chip is not scanned, and the display will be as follows after 20 seconds: (The device will

automatically shut down after 60 seconds)

Handheld Reader Animal Chip Scanner

3: Place the animal tag within the antenna range of the reader (the device is in Read .. The card reading

is as follows:

Handheld Reader Animal Chip Scanner

4: Press the middle blue scan key, it will continue to read the next electronic label;

Handheld Reader Animal Chip Scanner

5: If you press the blue button twice in succession,the previously read number will be displayed;

(1-30 groups, up to 30 groups).

Handheld Reader Animal Chip Scanner

6: If there is no operation after checking the number, the device will display the following

within 5 seconds, and automatically shut down within 60 seconds.

Handheld Reader Animal Chip Scanner


Poultry management such as chicken/duck/goose. Livestock management for pigs/bovines/sheep Arowana /Doll Fish Management Dog/cat/horse and other pet ientifcation management Item security.

Handheld Reader Animal Chip Scanner

Handheld Reader Animal Chip Scanner


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