Product Introduction:

This duplicate rfid fob No engraved number printing on the surface.

Need to use a copy machine to write the id number for use.

Built-in compatible T5577 chip id number can be rewritten repeatedly.

Ideal for locksmiths or those with duplicating equipment.

Duplicate RFID Fob

Product Parameters:

Product name Duplicate RFID Fob
Material ABS
Size 28*35mm
Chip Compatible T5577
Working Frequency 125KHz
Protocol ISO7814/5
Working Temperature -20℃~70℃
Working Life 100,000 times
Features Read and write
Reading distance 2~5cm

Duplicate RFID Fob




Carton size:38*20*28cm


Duplicate RFID Fob

Duplicate RFID Fob refers to forcibly duplicating the authorization card with a duplicator and duplicating keyfob package, without going through the property or the landlord.

Just find a keyfob (authorization card) that can open the door, Read the authorization card through the duplicator, and take another a copy keychain, click the write card to complete the copy operation, generally used by locksmiths with keys.

Authorization card means that the access control machine needs to be authorized by the mother card, the access control machine enters the programming command to issue the card or the access control management system computer issues the card, but it needs to be matched with the chip. For example, the ID access control machine must use the ID chip access control cards, generally authorized by the property and the landlord.


If there is a copy technology, there is an anti-copy technology, and there is no 100% success rate for cracking the copy technology.

95% of the cards on the market can be copied. This product is only used for less card, lost card, replacement card and backup

Do not use it for illegal acts, otherwise you will be responsible for the consequences! ! !


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