Product Introduction:

This Copy RFID Fob is made of Waterproof, wear-resistant, drop-resistant ABS material.

Different colors, patterns or appearance designs can be selected for production according to customer requirements.

The surface can be printed with L 0GO laser code, ID code

serial number.

Application: Suitable for access control, attendance, meeting staff management, bus, parking lot, identity authentication, Attendance management, all-in-one ticket payment, products logo, etc.


Most of the keyfob-type access control cards and parking cards on the market are ID cards.

Most of them are printed with 10 or 18-digit card numbers,

The IC card is a read-write card with encrypted sectors, and no numbers are printed on the surface of the IC card.

Prodduct Parameters
Copy RFID Fob Copy RFID Fob
Material ABS
Size 40*32*3.5mm
Weight 0.005KG
Chip Compatible T5577
Frequency 125KHz
Protocol ISO7814/5
Working times 100,000 times
Working temperature -20℃~70℃
Application Access control, attendance, elevator, etc.

Copy RFID Fob

The high-quality raw materials are flawless.

Excellent production technology, using high-quality raw materials.

Copy RFID Fob




Carton size:38*20*28cm


Copy RFID Fob

Copy RFID Fob

How to Use Copy RFID Fob:

Read ID card/keyfob (TK4100/EM4100,etc.)

Write ID can be copied to the card/keyfob (T5577/EM4305 etc.)

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