Animal microchip injection glass tube

A microchip is a tiny transponder the size of a grain of rice. It is a permanent identification system that is implanted under your pet's skin and read by a microchip scanner. It is strongly recommended that microchips conform to ISO (International Standards Organisation) standards 11784 or 11785.


Products Name: Animal microchip injection glass tube

Size: 2.12*12mm

Sample: sample for free

Chip: EM4305

Application: Animal management

Product Introduction

Glass tube biological electronic label, suitable for pet dogs, working dogs, animal husbandry identification, glass tube electronic label is divided into read-only and read and write two ways. The production is in full compliance with ISO11784/85 international standard. At present, it has been widely used at home and abroad to manage the whole process of animal growth. This electronic tag ID number can be read as long as the card reader antenna is near the implant site.

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) animal syringe is a device that uses radio frequency identification technology and is used to inject drugs into animals or perform other related operations. Here are the general steps for using an RFID animal syringe:


Make sure you have an animal with an RFID chip. This is usually a small microchip that is implanted under the animal’s skin.
Make sure you have an RFID animal syringe. This is usually a handheld device that has a needle or syringe port for injecting the drug into the animal and reads the information from the RFID chip.

Identify animals:

Place the RFID animal syringe close to the chip location on the animal’s body.
Activate RFID reading function. This can be done by pressing a button on the device or touching the screen.
When the syringe successfully reads the animal’s RFID chip, it will display relevant animal information, such as the animal’s name, number, etc.

Material Bio-glass
Working Frequency 134.2KHz
Chip EM4305
Memory 363 bits Read and writable
RF Standard ISO11784/11785 FDX-B

2.12X 12mm

Operating Distance 2-10cm (base on the reader)
Working Life > 100,000 times
Working Model Passive no battery
Operating Temperature -25℃ ~ 75℃
Stock Temperature -30℃ ~ 80℃

Size Optional:

Animal Pet RFID Microchip


20pcs/bag, 1000pcs/carton

Carton size: 50*40*40cm

GW: 10kg

50pcs/bag 1000pcs/carton
Animal Pet RFID Microchip Animal Pet RFID Microchip


1.What does an animal microchip do?

A tiny microchip is quickly and simply inserted under your pet’s skin, or in the neck for horses. This gives your pet their own unique code. The microchip can be scanned and matched to the owner’s contact details, which are kept on a national database, such as PetLog.

2.Can you track your pet with a microchip? 

You cannot GPS track your pet with a microchip. Pet microchips are used to identify your pets when scanned at a pet shelter or vet so they can be reunited with their owners. You will need to purchase an additional GPS tracking product to track your pets.

3.How do I know if my animal has a microchip? 

Microchip scanning can be done at most veterinary clinics. If you have found a stray dog, take it to a local veterinarian to get scanned. Microchips are also a great way of proving ownership


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