134.2KHz PET Chip Scanner

This is a low frequency tag scanner that adopt wireless identification technology and it suppors reading FDX-A, FDX-B,HDX(ISO11784/85) etc. tag.


Product Introduction:

This is a low frequency tag scanner that adopt wireless identification technology and it suppors reading FDX-A, FDX-B,HDX(ISO11784/85) etc. tag.
This scanner use high brightness OLED display which can be seen clearly in bright light environment. It can store max 20000 records of tag information with its built-in memory, users can upload the information to the computer through USB cable .This product is stable with simple operation which is widely used for little animal management,resource management, railway inspection etc.
Product Parameters
Power supply
Working frequency 134.2Khz
Charging method USB
Sereen display OLED display
Continuously working 4 hours
Storage temperature -30℃-65℃
Colour white
Buzzer Buil-in
Operaing temperature -30℃-50℃
Data storage no
Operating humidity 5%~-90%
With the overal weight of the package 110g
Machine weight 350g
Packing size (length, width,height)
L:26.5cm W:15.5cm H:5.2cm
Other Reading standard ISO1 1784/5 FDX-B
Operating language English
Warranty period One year
Fittings USB charging cable
Reading distanee
FDX-B:2*12mm tube tag>5cm
30mmr ear tag>15cm
FDX-A:2*12mmtube tag>5cm
HDX:30mmear tag>15cm

134.2KHz PET Chip Scanner


1: Press the side button for 3 seconds to turn on the machine, press again to enter the scanning state, and start scanning the chip: (scanning waiting time is 10 seconds)  FDX-B Read .

2: The chip is not scanned, the prompt is as follows: (The device will automatically shut down after 20 scconds) FDXB read Err.

3: Place the animal chip within the antenna range of the reader, press the side key switch, and read the card as follows:FDX-B  900000000000

4: Press the side button scan button to continue reading the next animal chip.

5: If the chip is not scanned, the machine will automatically shut down.

Wireless data transmission function
When the scanner is equipped with Bluetooth module, the computer, mobile phone and other intelligent devices can be connected with the sanner through Bluetooth interface to establish a communication link. When using Bluetooth function, turn on the wireless transmission function in the handheld setting mode, and search to add Bluetooth device.In HID analog keyboard mode, the Bluetooth device of the handheld is named “HID-380”; in SPP Serial Bluetooth mode and needs to download Bluetooth serial tools in terminal devices such as the
phone.The Bluetooth device for the handheld is named “SPP-380”.Click AutoConnect, and when the device link is successful, the tag number read by the reader is automatically printed at the cursor.Precautions


Chicken/duck/goose and other poultry management.

Livestock breeding management such as pig/atle/goat.

Golden Arowana/Babyfish Management.

Dog/cathorse and other pet identification management.

Anti-counterfeit goods.

134.2KHz PET Chip Scanner

134.2KHz PET Chip Scanner


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