125KHz smart key card

A smart card (Smart Card) is also called an integrated circuit card (Integrated Circuit Card, IC card), and has components such as a microprocessor and a storage unit inside. The chip of the IC card has the ability to write and store data, and the content in the memory of the IC card can be conditionally read by the outside or used for internal information processing and judgment according to the needs. However, before the introduction of IC cards, magnetic cards have been widely used due to the good foundation of technology popularization.


Products Description

 The chips of the non-contact IC card are all sealed in the card without any exposed parts. In addition, a tiny antenna is embedded in the card so that the embedded chip and the card reader can communicate with each other without contact. It exchanges information through radio waves or electromagnetic field induction, successfully combining radio frequency identification technology and IC technology. , which solves the two major problems of passive (no power supply in the card) and non-contact, and is a major breakthrough in the field of electronic devices.

The information stored in the non-contact IC card can be automatically collected into the system through wireless data communication. Compared with contact IC cards, non-contact IC cards (electronic tags) have the following advantages.

(1) High reliability: There is no mechanical contact between it and the reader, which avoids various failures caused by contact reading and writing, such as poor contact, rough card insertion, chip falling off, breakdown, bending damage, etc.

(2) Convenient and fast operation: Due to the non-contact communication, the reader can operate the card within 10 cm, which is very convenient for users and can improve efficiency.

(3) Anti-collision: There is a fast anti-collision mechanism in the contactless card, which can prevent data interference between cards, so multiple cards can be processed in parallel to improve the working speed of the system.

(4) It can be suitable for various applications: the storage structure of the card enables it to realize one card with multiple functions, and it can be applied to different systems through the setting of passwords and access conditions.

(5) Good encryption performance: the serial number of the non-contact IC card is unique, fixed by the manufacturer and cannot be changed. Each sector in the card has its own operation password and access conditions. The two-way verification mechanism is adopted between the card and the reader, and all data in the communication process is encrypted, so it is very suitable for electronic wallets, automatic road toll collection systems and bus automatics. Ticketing system and other applications.

Brand Name OEM
Frequency 13.56Mhz
Logo Printed Customized colorfull printed
Thickness 0.76mm/0.9mm/1.2mm
Size  85.5*54mm
Weight 10g
Operating Temperature -30~80℃
Feature Waterproof
Material PVC


125KHz smart key card


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