W90B Pets RFID Microchip Scanner Reader

Our W90B Pets RFID Microchip Scanner Reader is a card reader suitable for animal syringes, animal ear tags, it has two formats, one is FDX-B, and the other is EMID. It can read 125Khz or 134.2Khz. It does not need to be replaced. When it is close to the chip that needs to be read, it will automatically recognize it.

Products Name: rfid microchip reader, microchip pets scanner reader 

Model: W90B

RF Standard: 134.2khz FDX-B and 125khz EMID

Special Function

connect: USB2.0,Wireless 2.4G,Bluetooth

Application: Microchip glass tag scanner Product Introduction 134.2KHz Animal microchip scanner is mostly used for reading the glass tag which has implanted in to pets’ body. 


Product Introduction

Fantasize about a reality where discerning creatures is as smooth as air, like gliding your fingers over the screen in one swift motion. Operating across two frequencies, 125Khz and 134.2Khz—a wide spectrum indeed—lies the prowess of the rfid microchip reader. Gone are those moments filled with ambiguity or grappling tenaciously yet vainly with antiquated contraptions! With its snazzy ability to perform beyond expectations, this small wonder—the scanner reader—promises results steady as a rock and precise every single occasion that you use it.

It’s simplicity that truly makes the microchip pets scanner reader stand out. Easy to use? You bet! No wrangling with a complex installation or setting up for hours on end, not here. Just get the scanner reader near to the microchip you’re interested in and see how excellently it performs its function. With automatic recognition tech built-in, fast and smooth data retrieval from the chip becomes second nature.

134.2KHz Animal microchip scanner is mostly used for reading the glass tag which has implanted in to pets’ body. It can read the galss tag ID numbers for tracking animal.

The animal microchip reader scanner can record the read data, which is very important for managing the animal’s health status, feeding plan, breeding information, etc. W90B can be connected with the computer system to realize real-time monitoring and data transmission. This is useful for studying, managing and tracking animal behavior and health.

Product parameters



Working Frequency 134.2Khz, 125khz

128 records

Reading Time


Charging connect


Battery 3.7V lithium battery (chargeable)
Using time

4-5 hours

RF standard ISO11784/11785, FDX-B and ID64(EMID)
Operating Distance 2-10cm
Operating Temperature

-15℃ ~ 45℃

How we Packaging it:

1pcs/box, GW 170g

packaging of this rfid microchip reader

How This Product Helps your Workflow:

animal microchip reader scanner can stransfer the data to computer with wireless connect, to cellphone, tablet with bluetooth connect. So it can do with different kinds system for administration.

detailed view of rfid microchip reader

This User-Friendly Reader Delivers Seamless Operation!

This RFID microchip reader is designed to be user-friendly, incorporating several outstanding features for an efficient and enjoyable user experience:

  1. Power On and Off:

    • The device starts up and shuts down quickly, with an intelligent power management system extending battery life for prolonged and reliable operation.
  2. Scan Tags:

    • Featuring an intuitive blue button design and high-sensitivity wireless technology, this scanner reliably scans and reads microchip information over a wide range.
  3. Result Display:

    • The embedded OLED screen provides a clear and readable display, even in low-light conditions. Fast result display ensures users can promptly access information.
  4. Information Interpretation:

    • The user-friendly interface interprets microchip information and displays detailed data related to the animal, such as age and breed, reducing the learning curve for users.
  5. Sound or Vibration Alerts:

    • Configurable sound or vibration alerts enhance the user experience, allowing users to confirm scan results without staring at the screen, especially useful in noisy or distracting environments.
  6. Data Recording:

    • Advanced models may support cloud syncing or data export, assisting users in backing up or further analyzing the health status and history of animals.
  7. Charging and Battery Life:

    • Quick charging technology and high-capacity batteries ensure prolonged and stable device operation, minimizing interruptions due to charging.
  8. Firmware Upgrades:

    • Convenient firmware upgrade options, possibly supporting wireless upgrades, ensure the device stays up-to-date with the latest features and security.

screen of the rfid microchip reader


Q: Does this card reader have Bluetooth? Can bluetooth change its name?
A: Yes, this one has Bluetooth, and the name of the Bluetooth can be customized
Q: Can this product only be used for pet microchip identification?
A: This product is not limited to pet chip recognition. In fact, our RFID chip reader is widely used in various industries, including food processing, livestock management, logistics, and more. We also support customized solutions to meet specific needs. If you are interested, our team of professional engineers is available 24/7 for online consultations. Feel free to email us to explore how our RFID solutions can benefit your business. We look forward to hearing from you! 


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