There are three basic application types of NFC

three basic application types of NFC
  1. Payment apps

NFC payment application mainly refers to the application of mobile phone simulated bank card and all-in-one card with NFC function. NFC payment application can be divided into open loop application and closed loop application.

NFC virtual card application, called open loop application. Ideally, a mobile phone with NFC function and simulated bank card can be used as a bank card for mobile phone consumption at POS machines in supermarkets and shopping malls.

  1. Security application

NFC security application is mainly the mobile phone virtual access card, electronic tickets and so on. NFC virtual access card is to write the data of the existing access card into the NFC of the mobile phone. In this way, the mobile phone with NFC function block can realize the access control function without using the smart card.

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  1. Label application

The application of NFC tag is to write some information into an NFC tag, and the user only needs to wave the NFC tag with the NFC mobile phone to get the relevant information immediately. For example, businesses can put NFC labels containing posters, promotion information and advertisements at the door of the store. Users can use NFC mobile phones to obtain relevant information according to their own needs, and can log in to social networks and share details or good things with friends.


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