Product Introduction:

This ZXCOPY Copier Machine have full decode function,can break the IC card to encrypt the whole defense.

Wireless copy function

No need for computer equipment, IDIC card copying is convenient and fast, stable performance and quality assurance

while increasing efficiency.

Card dual frequency, one card multi-frequency automatic identification, automatic reading and copying.

Intelligent upgrade of cloud platform

Use cloud platform Internet technology to automatically notify when there is a new upgrade version, so that your device can keep the new version

Used to support more functions, more cards, no need to replace equipment, no need to send back to the manufacturer for direct network upgrade.

Automatic stepless scanning

The frequency is automatically swept from 100KHZ to 13.56M, so that offset frequency cards and non-standard cards have nowhere to hide.

Using the big data sharing built-in password library technology, the cards that have been successfully read and written are automatically included in the password library

There is no need to read and write online when reading and writing similar cards next time, and the device can automatically call out the password for copy, the operation is faster and more convenient.

It can detect and read and write special cards, and automatically filter false passwords.

There are full-color large screen and voice prompts.

ID IC Card Reader Features:

Operating frequency: 125Khz/250Khz/375Khz/500Khz/625Khz/750khz/875Khz/1000Khz/13.56Mhz/H-ID3.2 Inch full color screen which is very clearEnglish voice Can be directly input code by number key4 x AAA batteries or USB to supply powerCome with decodingCan crack the encryption cards

Product Parameters:

Model  ZX-COPY3
Operating frequency 125KHz/13.56MHz
Support IC Cards ID Cards
Operating distance 2-5cm
Function Read and write RFID card
Writable card T5577/EM4305/UID
Interface Standard USB
Size 180*70*30mm
Weight 195g

ZXCOPY Copier MachineZXCOPY Copier Machine

ZXCOPY Copier Machine


Exclude dry battery!

HD 3.2"full color.

Can be directly matched with various types of smart cards.the general market.

Support types:

13.56MHZ IC(M1-S50), S70,TK/EM4100,H-ID16, H-ID35/37, GID64/50/40/32/16,SID64/50/40/32


ZX-Copy3 Supported Smart Card: .

IC, MF1, S50, S70, ID, TK4100, EM4100, HID26, HID35, HID37, GID64, GID50, GID40, GID32, GID16, SID64, SID50, SID40, SID32,125KHZ-


It supports hundreds of smart cards indluding Asia,Europe,America,Southeast Asia Affrica,Australia etc,it will be updated and supports more smart

cards in the future.

Supported Blank Copy Cards:

It supports almost all blank copy cards,including

UID, FUID,CUID,ZXUID, EUID, ICUID, E5500, E5550, T5577, EM4305, EL8265, 5200, 6200, 7200, 8200, 6608, 6609, 7325, 4366, 8348, 9823, 9834,

ID435, 2346 etc,it will be updated and supports more smart cards in the future.


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