TM RFID ibutton RW1990 tag

TM RFID ibutton RW1990 tag adopts single-wire protocol communication, and completes data reading and writing through instant touch. It not only has the ease of operation of non-contact IC cards, but also has the cheapness of contact IC cards. It is one of the most cost-effective IC cards at present.

The TM RFID ibutton RW1990 tag with unique 64-bit code is a full quality analog of Dallas/Maxim DS1990A-F5 iButtons. Designed for access control systems each key has a unique family code that is recorded while the key is being produced and the code cannot be overwritten.
While manufacturing such devices in the factory, the number is directly assigned directly to the production line. Each TM1990A-F5 is assigned a unique identification code consisting of numbers and letters. The approximate number of combinations - 4 billion. Therefore the chance to guess the key from the entrance is practically zero.  The key contains a number. It can not be charged or magnetized. But it can be stored in the memory controller, which controls the door to the entrance or office.


Products Description

 The integrated circuit chip of the TM card is sealed in a stainless steel shell, which is waterproof, shockproof, anti-corrosion, durable, and does not require wiring; the TM card is a passive device, which is powered by reading and writing equipment to read information;
It is fully compatible with DS19961S-F5. Built-in 64-bit binary code engraved by laser, the total number of codes can reach 280 trillion; TM card chip has electrostatic protection function and uniqueness cannot be copied;

When you touch the ibutton reader with a TM1990A-F5 key, it reads this code and passes it to the controller, which checks with the internal memory for its presence in the database. If the identifier with the code is found, the access rights are checked (in some systems there may be time constraints) and give the actuators (locks, latches, latches or relays) the command to open/close.
The main advantages of TM1990A-F5: Electronic keys provide 100% uniqueness. The use of such tablets can significantly reduce the cost of programming a large number of keys for staff. TM1990A-F5 is for use as a workpiece for copying is not intended. (To copy the DS1990A and TM1990A keys, use our RW1990 copy iButtons).
TM card can be used in the range of -40℃~+85℃.
technical specifications:American DALLAS encryption card
mean failure:Normal use 1/100,000 times
Manufacturer’s serial number:The only 64-bit number in the world
system logic:64-bit password protection
card reader:Touch
Read and write characteristics
Readable, writable and encrypted
Read and write times
More than 1.5 billion times
When opening the door, the electronic control system of the lock checks whether the 64-bit password stored in the TM card is the same as the password kept. If they are the same, they will open the door, if they are different, they will not react. If a certain number of digit strings are tried continuously, an alarm will be issued.
That is to say, the TM card has 2 to the 64th power is different.
Application field: Applied to various inspection systems of intelligent community, postal service, railway, fire protection, electric power, cable TV, chemical industry, oil field, etc., as well as hotel, school dormitory TM door lock, TM water meter, TM electricity meter and TM gas meter, etc.

technical indicators Working temperature -40℃~+85℃
Number of readings >350,000 times
Service life >20 years
TM card dimensions φ16.25mm×5.89mm
Product weight 2.5g
storage 8Kbits RAM

TM RFID ibutton RW1990 tag


  • Driver Identification for GPS tracking devices
  • Door intercommunication systems
  • Security systems
  • Access control systems
  • Automated engineering systems (control)
  • Fire alarms
  • Working time recording systems


100pcs for one bag, 1000pcs for one box.

The packing size is 33*29*21cm, and weight is 5.5kg.


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