RFID For Key Fob

Product name:RFID For Key Fob
Chip:TK4100 only read
Function:Access control


1. Screen printing icons and coding

2. Waterproof, dustproof, anti-vibration

3. Resistant to dust, dirt, and moisture

4. The possibility of combining two technologies in a portable keychain

5. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use

6. Provide excellent color palettes and excellent coding services.

7. Personalization: You can use your logo, numbers, or any graphic motivation to personalize your RFID key card through full color printing or long-lasting laser engraving


Product Introduction:

The RFID for key fob is encapsulated by the ABS shell and the chip coil is filled with epoxy resin, and combined by ultrasonic welding. Special-shaped cards/keychain cards with various shapes

(Keychains, watches, pendants and other styles)

Screen printing, coding, dustproof, waterproof, anti-vibration.

There are dozens of form factors to choose from, which can package various types of chips: EM4100, EM4305, 4102, S50, S70,

ULtralight, T5557, TK4100, etc.


We can provide users with personalized customized services

Scope of application: access control and attendance, identification, public transportation, parking, skiing, tickets, card payment, product identification, school management, community

Management, membership management, points, consumption system, etc.

Product Parameters
Product name
RFID For Key fobs
Size 28*35mm
Chip TK4100
Frequency 125Khz
Protocol ISO7814/5
Working life 100,000 times
Working temperature -20℃~70℃
Weight 0.005KG
Readding distance 2~5cm
Memory 64 bits

RFID For Key Fob



Carton size:38*20*28cm


RFID For Key Fob

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