Portable Ear Tag Reader

Product name:W90A reader
Function;Read EMID,FDX-B ear tag and microchip
Reading distance:2~5cm


Product Introduction:

W90A Portable ear tag reader has a built-in ring induction coil, and the reading response time is less than 100MS, which improves work efficiency and is one step ahead. Support rfid tags in EMID, FDX-B (ISO11784/5) format, with a reading distance of about 2~5cm or more, depending on the tag. With its own storage function, it can store 128 pieces of label information, which can be uploaded to the computer through USB data.

Product parameters:

Model W90A
Frequency 134.2KHz/125KHz
Format EMID,FDX-B (ISO11784/5)
Reading distance em4305 microchip>5cm,ear tag>15cm
Standard ISO11784/5
Reading response time <100MS
Battery 3.7V
Memory 128 recodes
Working temperature


Store temperature -30℃~70℃
Weight 110g

This W90A Portable ear tag reader

Using advanced RFID radio frequency

technology ldentify the farther distance

2-12mm glass tube label > 5cm

30mm animal ear mark ) > 15cm

(related to label performance)Portable Ear Tag Reader

This W90A Portable ear tag reader has stable performance and simple operation, and is suitable for small animal management and traceability management.

Boot in just 2 seconds

Quick start, save time and effort

6 hours of continuous work

Powerful battery life, say goodbye to electricity anxiety

Smart shutdown to save power

Automatic shutdown after 60 seconds of no operation


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