Product Introduction:

It is suitable for pet dogs, working dogs, and animal husbandry identification. Divided into two types: read-only and read-write. The use of biochemical and medical materials and processes. It can effectively prevent freeing and zero rejection of animals, without infection. At present, it has been widely used at home and abroad. Effectively control rabies, food traceability, animal husbandry management, inbreeding, animal import and export certification and other events, and conduct all-round management of the entire process of animal growth. As long as the card reader antenna is close to the microchip glass tube tag, it can read and write its microchip tag ID number.

Product Parameter:

Mterial Bio-glass
Working Frequency 125KHz
Chip TK4100
Memory 64bits
Standard ISO7814/7815
Dimensions 1.25*7mm
Operating Distance 2~10cm(base on the reader)
Working Life >100,000times
Working Model Passive
Operating Temperature -25℃~75℃
Stock Temperature -30℃~80℃


100pcs/bag, 10000pcs/carton

GW: 1kg

Pets Microchip Glass Tube Tag

Pets Microchip Glass Tube Tag

Injected size:2.12*12mm,1.4*8mm,1.25*7mm

These size can be with needle or syringe park.

Other size:3*13mm,4*22mm,etc.

Pets Microchip Glass Tube Tag

Pets Microchip Glass Tube Tag

Pets Microchip Glass Tube Tag

Pet microchip glass tibe tag mainly use for biological identification, used in animal management, such as species breeding, epidemic prevention and quarantine, tracking of special treasures, etc., can also be used in RFID identification systems, sensor systems, automation systems, industrial production, warehousing management, logistics management, asset tracking, etc.


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