Product Specification:

Reading standard ISO11784/5 FDX-B & EMID
Reading distance 15cm(depends on tag)
Reading time <100ms
Power supply 3.7V(Li-battery)
Charging voltage 5V
Memory 128records
Communication USB2.0
Working frequency 134.2Khz
Operation language English or customized
Working Temp -10℃~50℃
Storage Temp -30℃~70℃
Certification CE,ROHS





This PT180 is a low frequency tag scanner that adopt wireless identification technology and it suppors reading EMID, FDX-B(so11784/85)etc. tag.2.This scanner use high brightness OLED display which can be seen clearly inbrightlight environment It can store max 128 records of tag information withIts built-in memory, users can upload the information to the computer through USB cable.3.This product is stable with simple operation which iswidely used for little animal management, resourcemanagement, railway inspection etc.. 

User Manual

PET Microchip Scanner

PET Microchip Scanner

More Optional:

PET Microchip Scanner

PET Microchip Scanner

This PET Microchip Scaanner is hot selling product,easy used and sensitity,with bluetooth and can connect with mobile phone.


  • Turn on the decice and scanning.Press scan button to turn on the device and on scanning model.

  • The tag NO.will be displayed on screen if detect a tag,display"no tag" if no tag is detected.

  • Device could be charged and uploaded data by USB cable.When device is connected by USB,"USB"will be displayed at top left corner,and on charging status for battery status. Press scann button for 3s,data will be uploaded from the scanner,MAX 128 records.After uploading successfully,the data can be upload in real time if scanner is connected by USB cable when reading a tag.

  • The equipment is not operated under,120s without working.

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