Product Introduction:

PCB UHF Hard Tag suitable for vehicle license plate installation, and also suitable for outdoor power equipment inspection, tower and pole inspection, elevator inspection, pressure vessel and cylinder inspection, various electric household equipment product tracking,asset management, logistics management, automobile parts process management, slaughtering line management, etc.

Product Parameters:

Material PCB
Size Different model as below pictures
Chip U code 8
Memory 32 bits
RF Interface Gen 2 18000-6C
Color printing no printing
Artwork PCB Binding
Features Waterproof
Application Access control,payment,public transporation,etc

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PCB UHF Hard Tag

Application cases:This tag is a UHF UHF passive PCB anti-metal tag for multi-media applications. It can be directly pasted on the metal surface, eliminating tedious installation work.The label is attached to the metal articles, the label is coded, and the related product information is written, which is convenient for the delivery, storage and search of relevant product information. The after-sales work of tracking products can be read and recorded by handheld devices, which is very convenient for the management and tracking.


1. FR4 materials with special properties are used for packaging.2. High temperature resistance, anti-humidity, anti-corrosion, anti-collision, suitable for outdoor harsh environment.3. Good reading and writing performance attached to the metal surface.


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