Product Introduction:

NTAG215 white card belongs to NFC Forum Type 2 Tag, 7bytes UID, 504bytes capacity, basically can realize all common NFC operations.Application of NTAG215 white card :

You can quickly query product information,

It can quickly realize the meeting check-in and attendance,

You can quickly open software such as navigation,

You can quickly exchange business card information,

With a single touch, the transmission is more convenient,

With a single touch, subway travel is faster,

With a single touch, it is easy to get out of the gate,

With a single touch, mobile payment is more convenient.

Product Parameters:

Material PVC
Size 85.5*54mm
Chip NTAG215
Frequency 13.56MHz
Protocol ISO14443A
Printing CMYK Printing
Reading Range 1-5cm

NTAG215 PVC Blank Card

Optional process: 

gold bottom, silver bottom, hot stamping, hot silver, flat code, embossed code, laser code, UV printing, four-color printing, etc.

Company Introduction:

Our company SynTek simply is a Rfid Tag manufacturer, specialized in Rfid ABS key fob, Clamshell Card, Rfid Metal Tag, Glass tube, Rfid Wristband, TM Ibutton, TM wristband, We have our own mould production line and can develop reader and chip.

NTAG215 PVC Blank Card

NTAG215 PVC Blank Card

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NTAG215 PVC Blank Card

NTAG215 PVC Blank Card

NTAG215 PVC Blank Card


Q: How is your quotation calculated?
A: The price depends on quantity, printing process, etc. Please let us know your requirements, and we can check the accurate price including shipping cost for you.

Q: The difference between authorization card and copy card.
A: The authorization card, also known as the property card, is divided into two types: IC/ID. It can only be used after the property is added to the access control system.

Q:Why choose us ?

A:1.Before production: Strictly screened stable material suppliers to ensure products guarantee quality from the source.

In production: adopt new automatic quality inspection equipment to improve production at the same time of efficiency, it can quickly sort defective products.

Post-production:labor a strict quality inspection to ensure that the product is qualified the rate is 100%, and the defective products are not allowed to flow to the market.

2.Strong production capacity, high efficiency.

Using new fully automatic production equipment,Multiple production lines run around the clock.standardized, customized products meet the requirements at the same time.

3.Professional service team.

From the consultation to your receipt of the goods, follow up the whole process, so that you can rest assured and at ease.Professional staff to provide you with professional RFID product customization Program, let you worry-free.


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