Long range Animal Microchip Transponder Scanner

An animal microchip transponder scanner is a device used to identify and manage animal identity information. They are commonly used in farms, zoos, laboratories, pet management, and wildlife research. Animal card readers can help record and track important data such as individual information, health status, and breeding history of animals.

Most animal readers use RFID technology, a wireless communication technology that enables data transmission to and from the reader by embedding microchips and antennas into animal tags or ear tags. The animal reader sends a wireless signal to the animal's tag to obtain the information stored in the tag.


Product Introduction:

This Long-Range Animal Scanner is an RFID wireless reader that supports EMID, FDX-B (ISO1784/85) and electronic tags in conventional barcode/QR code scanning formats. Using advanced RFID radio frequency technology, the recognition distance is longer. 

Size 2~12mm Glass tube label> 8cm. 

Size 30mm animal ear tag> 23cm (based on the antenna of the tag) .

This animal microchip transponder scanner uses a high-brightness OLED display, which can be clearly displayed in indoor and outdoor strong light conditions . With its own storage function, it can store up to 6000 labels, which can be uploaded to the computer through USB data cable, wireless 2.4G, Bluetooth, etc.

The animal scanner has stable performance and simple operation, and is suitable for small animal management, traceability management, storage inventory, and material management.

Product Parameters:

Model  W91
Working frequency  134.2Khz/125Khz
Label format EMID、FDX-B(ISO11784/85)
Reading distance  2~12mm glass tube label >15cm 30mm animal ear tags >25cm(related to label performance).
Standard   ISO11784/85
Reading time <100ms
Scan mode  CMOS
Support code system 2D:PDF417, QR Code(Model 1/2), DataMatrix(ECC200, ECC000,050, 080, 100,140),Aztec, Maxicode等1D:Code128, EAN-13, EAN-8, Code39, UPC-A, UPC-E, Codabar, Interleaved 2 of 5, ISBN, Code 93, UCC/EAN-128, GS1 Databar,etc
Signal indication 128 x 64 high-brightness OLED screen, buzzer
Power supply  3.7V (rechargeable lithium battery).
Storage capacity 6000 messages
Connection method USB2.0, Wireless HID (optional), Bluetooth (optional)
Language  English (can be customized according to customer requirements)
Operating temperature -10℃~50℃
Storage temperature -30℃~70℃
Package Size 267cm×148cm×38cm
Weight  500g

Long Range Animal Scanner

Description of the animal microchip transponder scanner structure:

Long Range Animal Scanner

① Scan the window                              ② OLED display


③ Scan key / back key                          ④ Page it up


⑤ Page down / enter                           ⑥ power supply


⑦ Read key / confirmation key            ⑧ Type-c interface


⑨ Wireless receiver                              ⑩ Battery compartment




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