Irregular Shape NFC Wooden Card

Product name:Irregular Shape NFC Wooden Card
Chip:Mifare 1K


Product Introduction:

Wooden Material  can be customized.

Application field:

It is widely used in payment management, event access control, hotel door locks, access control systems, all-in-one cards, highway tolls, parking lot management,

Book management, identity recognition, member management, bus card and many other aspects.

Irregular Shape NFC Wooden Card

Printing Options:

Thermal printing numbers

Golden / Silver background

Golden/ Silver hot-stamping

Spot UV / Embossing

Protect coating

Scratch-ff panel

Magnetic stripe

Loco / Hico

Barcode / Signature panel

Ordinary lamination for re- printing

Characteristics of wood materials

1. Durable

Nowadays, wood is a sustainable material among the world-recognized materials. Secondly, wood processing has low pollution and good environmental coordination.

This can be illustrated by the amount of carbon dioxide emitted during processing. Wood packaging has good environmental protection characteristics.

Compared with other materials, wood processing consumes less energy. In addition, wood has pleasant vision, touch, smell and humidity control properties.

2. Environmental protection and health

The solid wood material determines its natural properties, allowing humans to come into contact with these card products to have a natural sense of intimacy.

3. High-end atmosphere

Wooden business cards, membership cards, and chip cards have all become the new darlings of successful people in today’s society. Today, the awareness of environmental protection is awakening increasingly,Wood products have become fashionable.

Product Parameters:

Material Wood
Chip Mifare 1K
Frequency 13.56MHz
Protocol ISO14443A
Size 85.5*54mm
Package 100pcs/box.5000pcs/ctn

RFID Wooden Card Structure:

Irregular Shape NFC Wooden Card

Irregular Shape NFC Wooden CardIrregular Shape NFC Wooden Card

Irregular Shape NFC Wooden Card

Irregular Shape NFC Wooden Card

About this RFID Wooden Card,we can custom special shape and thickness based on  your requirements.


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