Product Introduction:

The inkjet white card can be a smart card made of PVC that can be directly printed by an inkjet printer. It has the characteristics of "one spray into a card", which is especially suitable for making personalized cards, portrait cards, IC cards, and magnetic cards. It is a revolutionary breakthrough in the card industry. There is no need for lamination, over-plastic, laminating and other production processes. The card inkjet printer completes the entire process of making cards. The card making process is as simple and fast as printing ordinary documents, and the cost is lower. The white card can achieve photo-level printing effect by inkjet printing. It has the characteristics of quick-drying, high-gloss, waterproof, and direct use after printing, without any post-processing. It is used in small batches, personalized membership cards, employee attendance cards, social security cards, Portrait card replacement card printing, printing and card issuance!

Typical applications: 

Finance, taxation, transportation, post and telecommunications, communications, services, medical care, insurance, commerce and many other fields

EM4200 Inkjet blank card advantages:

1.High-tech nano-coating,waterproof.

 2.Fast absorb ink,instant dry.

 3.Directly printing by Epson printer.

 4.Double side and absorb normal dye ink.

 5, No need any professional equipments 

6, Vivid color and high resolution photo quality 

7, High glossy, water resistant with tight and smooth edge PVC card 

8, Quick, easy, customized and professional to make PVC card. Low investment, high profit.  




 EM4200 Inkjet Blank Card

EM4200 Inkjet Blank Card

EM4200 Inkjet Blank Card


1.If the inkjet pvc card double side printable ?


2.If need the specifical ink ?

 No, Normal dye ink or pigment ink you use as usual.

3.If I could sign my name on the card ?

 Yes,you could write any word on the card with any type of the pen.


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